Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Visiting, Visiting, and More Visiting

After the holidays up north, we headed down to our old stomping ground and visited friend in St. Cloud. It was so nice to revisit the place we hope to retire to in 3 1/2 years.

The Jose Family
(Our old neighbors and still dear friends! It is always good to see you, and we can't wait until we live closer.)

The Rau Family

(Their house has become our home away from home in St. Cloud. Thanks for always being there for us. You guys are the best, and we hope you are back in St. Cloud by the time we move back.)

Then it was off to Pine River to spend some time with my brother and his family, as well as my dad.

Me and my dad!

Aaron, Samantha and Melissa

The boys went fishing in the dark house and caught a couple. It sure was nice to eat some fresh fish while we were back in MN.

They also managed to get a little bit of snowmobiling in with Uncle Aaron and Grandpa Joe.

Our little bobble-head!

The last leg of our time in MN took us down to the cities to visit with some more of Jerry's family. We spent some time with his aunts, uncles and cousins, as well as visiting with his grandparents.

Noah and Paige with their 3rd cousins on daddy's side.

(Paige, Noah, Bree, Jack, Mia, Haley, Alex)

Grandma & Grandpa Holtzbauer

We were also able to have dinner with Andrea and her family.

Nael and Pia