Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Halloween, Hockey & Other Fun Stuff!

Well, a couple weeks turned into almost a month, and I am finally getting another post up.

Halloween was a frigid experience this year! Paige made it out for just a few houses and then returned to the warmth of handing out candy with Mommy. It wouldn't have been so bad if the wind hadn't been blowing.

Noah was a soldier and Paige was a lady bug. They each had on several layers of clothing underneathe their costumes.
Just too cute not to share!

Noah continues to play hockey, and he amazes me all the time with how much better he is getting. He is really enjoying it, and seems to be picking it up pretty well. I am really glad that he got onto this developmental team, because I think it is making a great difference for him to be focusing more on the skills rather than the actual game.

He has become much more comfortable on his skates, since the beginning of the season just about a month ago.

He even looks like a hockey player!

Other than hockey, school and the daily grind, we haven't been up to much. Enjoying some chill time on the weekends and getting ready for the holidays is the norm around here. It has quickly become a beautiful winter wonderland up here in Interior Alaska, and I love it.

We will be spending Thanksgiving at home with guests for dinner. I love cooking the entire spread, and enjoy watching people share a meal and laughter together even more.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends & loved ones far and near! (mosty far)