Sunday, August 9, 2009

Alaska Fishing

I have neglected to post pics of a couple fishing trips that Jerry and/or Noah have been on this summer. In fact, Jerry just returned from one, thus the reason I am thinking of it. So, for all you fishermen/women out there, here you go.
In July, Jerry and Noah went on a weekend trip with Jerry's friend, DJ, and his daughter Ava. They went to a place southwest of Fairbanks known as Minto Flats. They had a good time, and the fishing was great. After it was all said and done, there was 12 pounds of Northern Pike to be eaten.

Minto Flats

Momma Moose . . . she was accompanied by two calves,
but they were hard to see in the tall grass.

Some of their catch!

Our little fisherman!
Just this past weekend, Jerry took a trip with his friend, DJ, and a few other guys. They went north of Fairbanks up to the Yukon and Dall Rivers. They didn't catch anything they could or wanted to keep, but they had a good time.

Yukon River

Dall River

Bear tracks, where we camped for the night.


or Big!
This one was 42 inches, but we let her go!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Grandma's Visit

When last I blogged, we still had our niece, Sydney, here. We really enjoyed having her around, and hopefully she had a good time too. We managed to squeeze in a few more fun things before she left, but she is now back in Wisconsin. I guess her mom and dad missed her or something?!?! Now we get to be the ones missing her!

Noah, Chris, Courtney, Sydney, Me and Paige
in front of the SS Nenana at Pioneer Park here in Fairbanks.

Paige, Katrina, Courtney, Noah, Chris & Syd on our day out at Pioneer Park.

Saying "Goodbye!" at the airport. This was before the tears.

One last pic before she gets on the plane! We miss you Syd!

Well, as Sydney left, my mom arrived. She came up to be here for Noah's 8th birthday and to spend time with the kids. While she was here we visited the Santa Claus House, picked some wild blueberries, saw the pipeline, visited Denali, wandered Pioneer Park and just had a fun time hanging out.
Grandma & the kids at Iditarod HQ in Wasilla.
Grandma & Noah at the Denali South View Point.
Grandma & Paige in Denali National Park
Polychrome Mountains in Denali National Park
Me in front of the Polychrome Glacier in Denali National Park.
Mt. McKinley
Momma bear & her cub in Denali
Hello Mr. Fox
Grandma & Paige downtown Fairbanks
Grandma & the kids on the train at Pioneer Park

Noah was at camp for a week during her visit, but it allowed her time with Paige. Paige is finally at an age that is fun for both her and Grandma. They had a blast together.
Noah's ready for camp!

Paige & Grandma had a tea party or two!

Noah's 8th birthday was Thursday of the week that he was at camp, but we were able to join him for dinner at the dining hall and we brought some cupcakes to celebrate. When he got home from camp, we had his official birthday party. Noah invited some of his friends for a bowling party and they all had a good time.
Birthday cupcake at Camp Li-Wa
Noah & his camp counselor
Noah's 8th Birthday Cake!
(It was a cupcake cake.)

I can't finish off this blog without mentioning the most important change around here. Noah wanted a new pet for his birthday, and after much discussion and a little bit of research we decided on a guinea pig. So, for his 8th birthday we bought him a guinea pig and all the necessities. The next day, he decided that she needed a friend and took some of his birthday money to buy her one. Needless to say, we now have two guinea pigs, and we all love them. They are so sweet!
This is Christina! She was Noah's 8th birthday gift from Mom & Dad.
This is Alice! She is the friend Noah bought for his guinea pig, Christina.
Alice is an albino (thus the red eyes), and she feels very much like a little lamb.

So, that is us for the past few weeks. Grandma returned to Minnesota earlier this week and we are now prepping for school, which starts on the 17th.