Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Waiting on Winter

Wow, where did a month go already? And what have we been doing that has kept us so busy?

Well, I was busy at the beginning of the month with a vendor event and a few parties for my Tastefully Simple business. I really enjoy being able to get out a weekend or two a month to do some business. I'm not raking in the bucks, but it is a little bit of extra here and there.

Jerry did a little playing the first weekend of the month. It was really his last chance to get out and do some fishing, duck hunting, and camping. If you ask me, camping at the beginning of October in Interior Alaska, not a smart choice. When you have to check to see if the sloughs have frozen over it is too cold for that. They had fun though! No fish worth keeping. A few ducks that I still have to figure out how to cook, and a couple beavers. Jerry's friend DJ decided to set some traps on their way out and check them on their way back in and he caught three beaver.

Check out that beaver!

There is something that is just wrong about this picture.

Noah started hockey this month, and he really seems to be determined. I am not quite sure how I feel about a future as a hockey mom, but we'll just see how this first season goes. Thank you so much to the Boylan family who set Noah up before we left Hawaii with most all of the hockey equipment he needed to get started playing. Much Mahalo to you!

Still trying to find his ice legs, but he was a trooper and kept going!

Rock it Noah!

Well, short and sweet this time! That is pretty much our month so far. Of course, Halloween is coming up this weekend, so I should be posting again soon. Until then, we love and miss all of our family and friends around the world. We always love to hear from old friends.

Had to include a pic of our most adorable Vikings fan!

She's getting so big and cuter and cuter all the time.