Thursday, March 12, 2009

Amazing Ice

Well, each year the city of Fairbanks hosts the Ice Art Championships. There are a couple different categories, but basically people take large blocks of ice and do amazing things with them. We went to check it out about a week or so ago and were able to see the completed single block sculptures. They started with an 8'x5'x3' block of ice, and this is what they created. Pretty Amazing!

The Crocodile Hunter

DNA (Double Helix)

Aside from the amazing sculptures created by the contestants, there is also a fun "Ice Park" for the kids to enjoy. All of the mazes and slides and things are made out of ice. The kids had a good time! (All the kids!)
Go Speed Racer
Stuck in a "bowl" of ice!

Daddy & Paige having fun!

Look at those slides!

Noah & his friend, Ava.

Paige is our little bundled pink baby!