Monday, October 27, 2008

Paige vs. The Rice Krispy Treat

Paige is now an independent eater! She eats normal food, and the only indication of her infancy that still remains is her bedtime feeding of Gerber oatmeal cereal and a bottle of Vitamin D milk. She is not too picky, although she does have her preferences.

Over this past weekend, she was sitting in her chair in the kitchen with Daddy, and she was finishing off a box of yogurt covered raisins (one of her favorite snacks). I guess she was looking like she still wanted something more, because Daddy proceeded to give her a rice krispy treat from the pan that Mommy had made earlier in the week.

Left to eat the treat on her own while Daddy did some other things in the kitchen, Daddy discovered the Rice Krispy Treat Attack a few minutes later when he glanced in her direction.

You decide for yourself . . . who won? Paige? or the Rice Krispy Treat?


Pauline Wirtz said...

Thank you for creating your blog,I really enjoy it. I'm able to keep up on the changes of the grandkids better this way.
I vote that the Rice Krispy treat won. That really is a cute picture and so is the one with her picking out her pumpkin. They were all good pictures from the pumpkin patch. Tell Noah,he really picked out some nice size pumpkins.
Thanks again for creating your blog page. I look forward to reading your page every week or so. Love always