Thursday, September 4, 2008

What's up?!?

Ok, so this is my first blog, and I just want to say that hopefully I will get better with time. My goal is to eventually post pics and all kinds of updates to keep our family and friends updated on "The Life & Times of the Sniders."

Where to start?!? Well, Paige is almost a year old now. Just two more weeks. It is hard to believe that Jerry has been home almost a year already from Iraq, and that Paige is almost the Big ONE!! She is walking already, and definitely starting to develop her own little "princess" personality.

Noah is finishing up his soccer season. He has just two games left, and he is about to start back to karate. He is such a great kid (most of the time). It has been fun to see how he is changing already now that he is a big 2nd grader. "I'm not a little kid anymore!" seems to be his favorite saying lately.

Jerry is still a soldier, doing soldierly things. He is anxiously awaiting the results of the E8 board. Let's keep praying that they have finally gotten it right this year and included him on the list for promotion.

As for me, I am good. Just trying to keep things running smoothly. The PTO has been keeping me busy this year, as I am the treasurer. I am also just starting to teach/facilitate a women's Bible study class. It wasn't something I really planned on doing, but when I was given the opportunity, I really felt like that was where God was calling me. So, I am very excited to see what He has in store for me through this endeavor.

That's about it for us currently! All is well here in beautiful Hawaii! We miss you all, and would love to hear comments back. God Bless!


Anonymous said...

Nicole, Your family is so lovely! I'm so glad that you started this, though it took me a while to visit. Paige is just simply...oh, I just want to eat those cheeks! I wish I could give her a squeeze!
--Traci Weaver

WJS Jr said...

Wow, it has been a long time. Nicole you Jerry and those wonderful kids of yours are soaking up the memories. Love your blog and what a good way to stay in touch even if via this medium..

If your ever in the DC area, you all are welcome.
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